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EU’s Demographic Challenges

18th 4월 2018
As of 2016 the population of the 28 members of the European Union amounted to 511.5mn people or around 69% of the total population of the continent. While the majority of the EU countries are held in high regard in terms of their quality of life, there are considerable demographic issues that have been bothering the EU for decades – low birth rates, ageing population and high emigration.

Portfolio Investments in ASEAN Amid Policy Easing

25th 1월 2018
Since the financial crisis Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) have provided attractive investment opportunities for international investors seeking to diversify away from the advanced economies mired in sluggish growth and with squeezed profit margins. The persistently high GDP growth differentials and interest rate spreads between the advanced economies and the EMEs have been widely recognized as key determinants of much of the international capital flows.

UK Construction

23rd 1월 2018
The UK Construction industry appears to have strengthened over the past 5 years. There are two main industries however that haven’t fared quite as well as the rest.