Berita dan Insights terpilih yang dihadirkan mencakup pasar baru dan berkembang dari Analis CEIC di seluruh dunia.  


Singapore Real GDP Growth

18th July 2018
Although relatively new on the historical scene, Singapore has successfully established itself on the world economic platform as a highly competitive and open market, making it a business hub for high growth on both an international and national level.

India GDP per capita

16th July 2018
India's GDP per capita has experienced some strong growth reaching a record high in 2018. The lowest the country has ever seen was in March 1958 when it reached just 71.63 USD.

United States Gold Production

10th July 2018
Famous for The Gold Rush in the 19th century, the United States continue to mine for gold to this day making it one of the top five gold producing countries in the world.

Turkey Consumer Inflation

4th July 2018
This week Turkey's inflation hit a 14-year-high by climbing above the 15% mark, three times the target inflation. It's likely the upward inflation pressure will inevitably affect the exchange rate of the Lira and the Turkey's Central Bank monetary policy in due course.

China's ICT Service Exports

3rd July 2018
As one of the largest economic powers in the world, would China's telecommunications industry suffer from further export restrictions?

Russia GDP Per Capita

2nd July 2018
As the Russian World Cup team lands its place in the quarter-finals, are there other economic areas where the country may also exceed expectations?

Germany Car Production

29th June 2018
The German car production market has experienced both highs and lows this week from the reality of the USA tariffs, but also the announcement that Ford is planning to continue their production of electric cars in 2023 in Germany.