China’s Exports Decelerated in August

20th September 2017
China’s foreign trade rallied significantly in Q1 2017 thanks to recovered demand from home and abroad. However, an obvious deviation was identified in August trade data. Seasonal adjusted exports decelerated to 4% y-o-y, much slower than the 8.7% in July, while imports were growing 2% faster at 13.3% y-o-y.

China Retail Sales Outlook: A City-Level Guide

16th August 2017
Research Analyst Suyang Zhou analyzes nine perspectives of the Chinese retail economy, including retail sales, disposable income per capita, net population change, business environment and business cost etc., to obtain a ‘3D overview’ of the consumer economy at city level.

A Closer Overview of China's Inflation

8th May 2017
Our Research Analyst Suyang Zhou takes a look at the fluctuating figures surrounding the Chinese economy and investigates what is causing the current changes.

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