CEIC's data product combined with intuitive platforms and advanced delivery systems seamlessly integrate the best and most relevant datasets into your workflow. Our products allow you to effortlessly compare global markets as well as zero in on the deepest emerging markets data available.

Global Database

CEIC’s Global offering provides the critical data for economists and investors to make sense of the fast-changing global environment. CEIC provides a unique blend of macroeconomic, financial and industry data across more than 200 countries collected from official sources and, increasingly, alternative sources like online platforms, satellites, internet searches, and mobility trackers.

Premium Databases

Understand world’s most dynamic economies: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia. CEIC’s unique Premium Databases offer users a wealth of information on the performance of various sectors and industries in five key developing markets. They offer a comprehensive source of statistics with easy access to CEIC’s experts in interpreting and understanding data.

World Trend Plus

A single access point for benchmarking and reference data, World Trend Plus provides in-depth insights into macroeconomic trends worldwide. It provides all the information you need to easily compare data on developed and emerging markets and make decisions that are smart, timely, and accurate. 

China Premium

With more than 386,000 time-series records on Chinese macroeconomic, sector, and regional data, our China database is the perfect companion for any type of research on China's economy.

India Premium

The most accurate and in-depth source available on the Indian economy, CEIC's complete Indian economic database contains more than 500,000 time-series records on macroeconomic and industrial data, as well as access to regional data on 28 states, 7 union territories, and 640 districts.

APIs and Custom Solutions

Access CEIC’s economic, industry and sector data through the platform that best serves your data and analytical needs: APIs, feeds, or third-party econometric platforms.