Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index

1987 - 2016 | Yearly | 2000=100 | World Bank

Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index data was reported at 278.620 2000=100 in 2016. This records an increase from the previous number of 273.027 2000=100 for 2015. Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index data is updated yearly, averaging 129.481 2000=100 from Dec 1987 to 2016, with 30 observations. The data reached an all-time high of 278.620 2000=100 in 2016 and a record low of 45.149 2000=100 in 1988. Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index data remains active status in CEIC and is reported by World Bank. The data is categorized under Global Database’s Tanzania – Table TZ.World Bank.WDI: Trade Index. Export volume indexes are derived from UNCTAD's volume index series and are the ratio of the export value indexes to the corresponding unit value indexes. Unit value indexes are based on data reported by countries that demonstrate consistency under UNCTAD quality controls, supplemented by UNCTAD’s estimates using the previous year’s trade values at the Standard International Trade Classification three-digit level as weights. To improve data coverage, especially for the latest periods, UNCTAD constructs a set of average prices indexes at the three-digit product classification of the Standard International Trade Classification revision 3 using UNCTAD’s Commodity Price Statistics, interna­tional and national sources, and UNCTAD secretariat estimates and calculates unit value indexes at the country level using the current year’s trade values as weights. For economies for which UNCTAD does not publish data, the export volume indexes (lines 72) in the IMF's International Financial Statistics are used.; ; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Handbook of Statistics and data files, and International Monetary Fund, International Financial Statistics.; ;

View Tanzania's Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index from 1987 to 2016 in the chart:

Tanzania Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index

What was Tanzania's Tanzania TZ: Export Volume Index in 2016?

Last Previous Min Max Unit Frequency Range
278.62 2016 273.03 2015 45.15 1988 278.62 2016 2000=100 yearly 1987 - 2016

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National Accounts Last Frequency Range
Forecast: GDP PPP Per Capita (PPP Intl $) 4,426.620 2027 yearly 1980 - 2027
Forecast: Nominal GDP Per Capita (USD) 1,702.910 2027 yearly 1980 - 2027
Forecast: Real GDP Growth (%) 6.986 2027 yearly 1980 - 2027
Government and Public Finance Last Frequency Range
Forecast: Government Expenditure (TZS bn) 63,904.340 2028 yearly 1991 - 2028
Forecast: Government Net Debt (TZS bn) 124,055.420 2028 yearly 2001 - 2028
Forecast: Government Revenue (TZS bn) 55,176.260 2028 yearly 1991 - 2028
Demographic and Labour Market Last Frequency Range
Forecast: Population (Person mn) 73.362 2028 yearly 1980 - 2028
Forecast: Unemployment Rate (%) 0.000 yearly -
Inflation Last Frequency Range
Forecast: Consumer Price Index Growth (%) 3.733 2028 yearly 1980 - 2028
Balance of Payments Last Frequency Range
Forecast: Current Account Balance (USD bn) -3.288 2028 yearly 1980 - 2028

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