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Germany: M2 Growth

CEIC Data - Germany M2 Growth
Germany's Money Supply M2 increased 4.4 % YoY in Sep 2018, compared with a growth of 3.7 % in the previous month. Germany's Money Supply M2 growth data is updated monthly, available from Jan 1970 to Sep 2018. The data reached an all-time high of 27.0 % in Jan 1991 and a record low of -7.5 % in Apr 1995. CEIC calculates M2 Growth Rate from monthly M2. Deutsche Bundesbank provides M2 in EUR. Germany is part of the Euro Area and the reported figure corresponds to its contribution to the Euro money supply. Since January 1995, data is not fully comparable with data of previous periods as 'Resident' refers to the residents of Germany and of other euro area member states (before that Germany only). M2 Growth Rate prior to January 1996 is sourced from the International Monetary Fund. In the latest reports, Germany's Foreign Exchange Reserves was measured at 36.4 USD bn in Sep 2018. The Foreign Exchange Reserves equalled 0.4 Months of Import in Aug 2018. Germany's Domestic Credit reached 4,867.9 USD bn in Aug 2018, representing an increased of 0.2 % YoY. The country's Non-Performing Loans Ratio stood at 1.7 % in Dec 2016, compared with the ratio of 2.0 % in the previous year.
CEIC Data - Germany M2 Growth
CEIC Data - Germany M2 Growth


This data was taken from the indicator pages on the CEIC website. More detailed data and analysis can be found in the CEIC Global database - get in touch for a free demo to gain access.