What sets us apart

For 30 years, CEIC has been the go-to source for providing reliable data to economists, investment professionals, business planners, government officials and academics. The trust we have built with our customers has been based on the unique approach that we take:

Scrupulous data selection

We are highly selective about the data that we choose to add and retain on our platform, paying close attention to the data that is (and is not) important to our clients. We are a curator of data, not only an aggregator.

Capitalising on local expertise

We adopt an on-the-ground approach, allowing us to get the best local data sources, investing in human expertise as well as technology to acquire the right data. Our teams know how to procure the right data for our clients.

Rigorous data quality procedures

We employ advanced data processing techniques to extract and process hard-to-get content and take the time and effort to sense-check and standardise the data we acquire before presenting it to our users.

Insight as well as data

We not only provide our clients with the right data but also support them in understanding what it means through data-driven analysis, proprietary indices and webinars, offering context and interpretation.

Combining traditional and alternative data sets to provide the answers our users need

While many econometric models rely on input from conventional data sources and will continue to do so, there is an increasing realisation that other less orthodox sources support our users’ understanding of what is happening right now. Here are some examples of the new types of data that CEIC users can find within our platform:

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