Cambodia Annual Household Income

8th May 2018
As Cambodia’s economy begins to grow, household income and expenditure has been positively increasing over the past 10 years.

Bangladesh Economic Overview 2017

6th April 2018
Steady monetary policy management and fiscal discipline have contributed to continued macroeconomic stability in Bangladesh. Driven by domestic demand, real GDP growth is expected to exceed 7% for a third consecutive year in FY2018, while inflation increased slightly, mainly due to higher food prices. Macroeconomic performance is set to remain robust in the coming year and inflation broadly stable.

India Unemployment Rate

22nd February 2018
India is experiencing its highest unemployment rate since 2013, how does that compare to the last 20 years?

Inflation Returns to Developed Markets

13th February 2018
In 2017 inflation accelerated across the developed economies as global inflation reached 3.2%. Against a backdrop of higher inflation and reduced economic slack, central banks are expected to tighten the reins next year in most developed economies. Conversely, the central banks in main emerging markets will cut their key rates, reflecting a more stable macroeconomic environment.

France Tourism Revenue

17th January 2018
France's Tourism Revenue dropped -7.3 % YoY in Dec 2016, compared with a decrease of -4.3 % YoY in the previous year.

Hong Kong Property Market

3rd January 2018
The world's most expensive housing market soared 12.9% in the first 11 months of 2017 as residential property prices increased to their highest level of all time.

Most popular economic data 2017

21st December 2017
Thousands of our data-sets from CEIC are explored every year. For 2017, these are the top 4 countries and indicators searched for on our website indicator pages.

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