World Trend Plus Database

The only database that tells you everything you need to know about the global market.

Designed to be a single access point for benchmarking and reference data, World Trend Plus provides robust and in-depth insights into the performance and macroeconomic trends of numerous countries and regions around the globe. With this resource, users will have all the information essential to understanding both developed and emerging markets and making smart, timely, and accurate decisions.

The World Trend Plus database contains information on a broad range of hot topics concerning the global economy. It integrates economic and financial benchmarks with forecasting services that allow users to monitor and understand the global development of individual economies and regional markets. Within the database, Global Economic Monitor (GEM) and ASEAN Economic Monitor offer a series of normalized data that are compiled by CEIC analysts according to CEIC’s high standards. This normalized dataset, which is not easily accessible through any other database, allows quick comparison and analysis of various economic factors, including such key indicators as GDP, FDI, and CPI. The Economic Monitor service provides a quick view of current economic trends across countries. A set of competitiveness indices has been recently introduced to World Trend Plus. These indices can further assist users in comprehending the complexity of a country or an economy.

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