OECD Databases

Leverage your CEIC subscription with additional data supplied from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

CEIC has integrated the OECD’s three major databases into CDMNext: Economic Outlook, Main Economic Indicators, and Productivity. OECD stands for Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development and is a well-established international economic organization of 34 countries. With the goal of stimulating economic progress and world trade, it defines itself as a forum for countries committed to democracy and the market economy. The OECD Databases are a collection of economic and social information for all OECD countries as well as select non-member countries. Designed for analysts, academics, and investors, they provide a robust and accessible solution for those who need to make decisions based on the most accurate and comprehensive data in the world. Data is released monthly and half-yearly with seasonally adjusted and unadjusted terms.

  • Facilitates cross country comparison with normalized and standardized datasets by OECD
  • Consists of highly demanded projections data and leading indicators sought after by analysts
  • Extended historical data back to 1960
  • Intuitive layout for more convenient data searching and comparison
  • Comprehensive data and information checking through in-house system

Interested in This Data?

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