China Premium Database

Every question you ever had about China’s economy, answered.

Whether for research or investment purposes, CEIC Data’s China Premium Database offers users a wealth of information on the performance of various sectors and industries in the Chinese market. With such an abundance of statistics, this database makes it easy for you to quickly see the information you need to make decisions that are intelligent, accurate, and timely. With records starting as early as 1949, the China Premium Database is updated constantly by our analysts with connections to exclusive primary sources on the ground in China. You will have coveted access to both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics on everything from GDP, GNP, FDI, CPI and inflation rates over time to the historical performance of the automobile, energy, and manufacturing industries. CEIC Data’s China Premium Database is available in both English and Chinese and can be accessed through CEIC’s CDMNext.

The China Premium Database offers over 391,000 time-series records on macroeconomic, sector, and regional data that can be easily accessed, organized, and exported based on your needs.

The China Premium Database also offers selected datasets such as land and resources, environmental protection, and private equity. Along with these extensive offerings, e-mail alerts notify you when market focus datasets are added. We also guarantee near-instantaneous response from one of our experts on any inquiries you may have.

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