Brazil Premium

The world’s most complete database on everything regarding the Brazilian economy

With a wealth of exclusive resources and information, CEIC Data’s Brazil Premium Database is perfect for analysts, investors, and academics that need to make fast and accurate assessments on the Brazilian economy. As a leading energy supplier, automobile manufacturer, sugar and ethanol fuel producer and global investment hub, Brazil is taking the lead as one of the world’s most significant economic players. CEIC’s Brazil Premium Database gives users the capability to unpack the details of this booming market in order to make assessments and strategic decisions that are intelligent, accurate, and timely.

With records starting as early as 1940, the Brazil Premium Database includes both macroeconomic and industry-specific time series data, so you will be able to see multiple perspectives on numerous concepts from the demographic and labor markets to the sales records of the petrochemical industry, as well as up to the minute information on top indicators such as GDP, GNP, FDI, and CPI. Our relationships with primary contacts on the ground in Brazil give you exclusive firsthand access to data straight from the source.

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