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EU’s Demographic Challenges

18th April 2018
As of 2016 the population of the 28 members of the European Union amounted to 511.5mn people or around 69% of the total population of the continent. While the majority of the EU countries are held in high regard in terms of their quality of life, there are considerable demographic issues that have been bothering the EU for decades – low birth rates, ageing population and high emigration.

Ukraine Foreign Trade

18th July 2017
In terms of its foreign trade, Ukraine has gradually started to recover from the political crisis of 2014 – with a notable shift in trade relations from the CIS countries to Europe and Asia.

Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement

12th July 2017
The EU and Japan have recently decided upon a trade agreement which will change the landscape of international trading around the world from as early as 2019.

India: With GST in Action, Stock Indices Rise, Effects Felt on Prices

4th July 2017
After 17 years, India has finally introduced it's Goods and Services tax (GST) which aims to unify the system of indirect taxes which up to now has varied greatly among states. Research Analyst Georgi Ninov looks at the effects the GST has instantly had on the market and the Indian economy.

Australia – Worries Despite Historical GDP Growth Run

28th June 2017
Australia has experienced a continuously positive GDP growth for the last 26 years despite being surrounded by international economic turmoil, especially in recent years. Is this long run about to come to an end with a first look analysis on Australia in the beginning months of 2017?