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Romania: Economy Grows Above Expectations

16th November 2017
Romania recorded its highest annual real GDP growth since the global recession of 2007-08, reaching 8.6% in Q3 2017. Even though the country has been consistently among the overachievers in the EU in terms of economic growth in the past years, this development has surprised experts which were projecting figures close to the Q2 performance (5.9%).

A Closer Overview of China's Inflation

8th May 2017
Our Research Analyst Suyang Zhou takes a look at the fluctuating figures surrounding the Chinese economy and investigates what is causing the current changes.

The Maldives - Economic Overview 2016

26th April 2017
With an economy heavily dependent on tourism, the Maldives is still considered a "poor country". This 2016 overview highlights whether key economic indicators are heading in the right direction for the island nation.

Haiti – Moderate Decrease of Unemployment in 2016

25th April 2017
Haiti has struggled with the burden of high and rising unemployment over the past two decades. The new data now available in the CEIC Global Database shows that this trend might finally be over for the nation.

2016 Passenger Car Sales

20th April 2017
2016 was an interesting year economically as the main car production and sellers in the world competed for market share and growth figures. Research Analyst Georgi Ninov analysed the yearly performance of the passenger car industry and who succeeded and suffered internationally.