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Argentina: Monthly Minimum Wage Forecast

23rd October 2018
At the start of 2018, Argentina’s monthly minimum wage stood at 9,500 ARS (01/2018). The monthly wage rate stood at 9,500 ARS up until June 2018. By December 2018, this figure is projected to go up to 11,300 ARS per month, where it will stabilize until February of 2019, reach 12,500 by the end of June 2019. This is major growth in comparison to where these figures stood just five years ago at 3.300 ARS per month at the end of 2013.

Iceland Population Forecast

19th June 2018
Over 99% of Iceland's entire population watched their world cup game against Argentina this week. So how many people was that?

India’s Unemployment Rate 2017

18th June 2018
Since 2014 Indian's unemployment rate has slowly been increasing, with a slight increase in December 2017 from December 2016.

India General Insurance: Private Sector Dominates Public in April

5th June 2018
The increase in gross direct premiums in the Indian non-life insurance sector continued into the new financial year 2018-19, with a 13.8% annual surge in April. In absolute terms, the premiums for the month amounted to 138.8bn INR compared to 122bn INR in April 2017. More notably, private firms’ premiums were prevalent over public companies’ (67bn to 65bn INR) which historically has rarely been the case. Premiums from private insurers also recorded higher annual growth than their public counterparts – 15% to 11.8%.

China Manufacturing PMI Rebounds in May

31st May 2018
China's manufacturing PMI rose 0.5 percentage point to 51.9% in May 2018, and was 0.7 percentage point higher than last May. So far manufacturing PMI has stayed in expansionary territory for 22 consecutive months. Non-manufacturing PMI slightly increased 0.1 percentage point, and composite PMI stood at 54.6%, 0.5 percentage point higher than last month. Overall, major headline PMIs were still above breakeven point (50%), indicating the economy is still resilient.

Cambodia Annual Household Income

8th May 2018
As Cambodia’s economy begins to grow, household income and expenditure has been positively increasing over the past 10 years.

China Factory PMI Eases Slightly in April

1st May 2018
China's manufacturing PMI edged down 0.1 ppt to 51.4% in April 2018. Although April manufacturing PMI was slightly below the average level of 2017 (51.6%), it was higher than the 1Q 2018 average (51%) and April 2017 (51.2%). Against this backdrop, manufacturing PMI remains in expansionary territory for 21 consecutive months.

Finland: End of the Basic Income Project in 2019

26th April 2018
The Finnish government has decided to close its universal basic income (UBI) trial program which was put in place for a two year period in January 2017. The Finnish social security agency (Kela) introduced the initiative which paid a sample of 2000 randomly chosen unemployed citizens a monthly sum of 560 EUR – tax free and without any conditions attached.