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Dominican Republic – the Caribbean’s Fastest-Growing Economy

13th April 2017
The Dominican Republic has been maintaining robust pace of growth in the past three years. The Caribbean country has been constantly outperforming most emerging markets and its Caribbean neighbours, recording average real GDP growth of 7% since 2014.

Australian Tourism and Pollution

12th April 2017
It was announced this week that two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has suffered the effects of "bleaching", due to the impact of pollution and environmental factors. With a country that has a reputation in both tourism and the environment, this must come as a blow to the nation.

Global Database Expansion - Now Over 195 Countries Available

11th April 2017
The CEIC Global Database has now extended its coverage to more than 195 countries and territories. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, users can now explore over 2 million data series from a vast range of countries including the Maldives, North Korea and Dominica.

UK Money in Circulation after New Pound Coin Release

5th April 2017
The UK government introduced a new British pound coin, with them intending to fully replace the old pound coins by October 2017. The design of the new currency was in an attempt to counteract fraud, but how much money is still in circulation for the UK to have to assess before their October deadline?

France under Hollande (2012-17)

4th April 2017
With current President François Hollande withdrawing from the French election this month after the lowest approval rating in the history of the French Fifth Republic, Georgi Ninov from the CEIC Insight Team questioned whether he had really performed so poorly during his 5 years to warrant this response.

US Fed opens the door for several rate hikes this year

31st March 2017
With the US Federal Open Market Committee voting for the second time in four months to raise the fed-funds rate, the implications on the US economy are investigated by Research Analyst Kamen Parushev.

Consumer Confidence - Net Balance in Asia

28th March 2017
Consumer confidence has been improving in most of the major Asian economies. Consumer sentiment in South Korea hit a 5-month high in March, while Japan saw an unexpected fall in February.

Indonesian tourism at all-time high

23rd March 2017
In the last 10 years, tourism in Indonesia has been steadily increasing and has seen its highest ever numbers in 2016. The number of tourist arrivals to the country has nearly doubled since 2007.