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Argentina: Monthly Minimum Wage Forecast

23rd October 2018
At the start of 2018, Argentina’s monthly minimum wage stood at 9,500 ARS (01/2018). The monthly wage rate stood at 9,500 ARS up until June 2018. By December 2018, this figure is projected to go up to 11,300 ARS per month, where it will stabilize until February of 2019, reach 12,500 by the end of June 2019. This is major growth in comparison to where these figures stood just five years ago at 3.300 ARS per month at the end of 2013.

India: Real Gross Domestic Product 2013-18

21st September 2018
India’s Real Gross Domestic Product has increased by 766,560.91M USD in the past five years. In 2013, the country’s real GDP stood at 1,862,981.30 M USD. When compared to 2017, that figure moved to 2,466,177.04 M USD. As of March 2018, India’s Real Gross Domestic Product stands at 2,629,542.21 M USD, which represents a 6%+ increase from the year before, only three months into 2018.

Australia: Livestock Production 2018

20th September 2018
According to Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, the country produced 257,051 tonnes of red meat in January, this year. Looking at the trend for 2018, production of red meat increased by 77,567 by May 2018, when the total production number was 334,618 tonnes. The period from May to July saw a decline in production by 37,056, wrapping up July having produced 297,562 tonnes.

Japan: GDP Per Capita 2012-17

18th September 2018
We took a look into Japan’s GDP per capita growth over a five year period 2012 to 2017. In 2012, the country’s GDP per capita stood at 48643.31USD. 2012 to 2015, there was a yearly decline, moving down from 40,521.95 to 38,204.78 to 34,585.44USD for 2013, 2014 and 2015. However, 2016 saw an upward turn in the country’s GDP per capita. In 2016, the figure was 39,014.95, increasing to 38,474.06 USD by the end of 2017.

Taiwan: Foreign Exchange Reserve 2014-18

17th September 2018
Foreign exchange reserves are fundamental in managing a country’s currency value. We took a look into Taiwan’s standing, where as of August 2018, their Foreign Exchange Reserve stood at 459,879M USD, with improvement from 434,066 M USD in August 2014. We also looked at the gradual increase of Taiwan’s Foreign Exchange Reserve, standing at 35,585.44, 39,014.95 and 38,474.06 M USD for August of 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Singapore: Number of Hotels 2016-17

14th September 2018
May 2016, Singapore had a total number of 220 hotels, and by August 2016 the hotel numbers rose to 242. Yet, when compared to the same time period of the following year, there wasn’t much of a change in these figures. In May 2017, the number of hotels in Singapore was still 242, even though there had been a fluctuation in the interim. By August 2017, the number of hotels was only 240, finishing 2017 with a total of 246.

Turkey: Outstanding External Debt 2007-17

11th September 2018
December 2007, Turkey had 249,925.39M USD in outstanding external debt, by December 2017 it was 454,283.78M USD. While there has been a steady increase in Turkey’s outstanding external debt over 10 years, there are two periods where there was a decrease. Between 2008 and 2009 the figure decreased from 280,834.83M to 268785.17M USD, while 2014 to 2015 saw a decrease of 405,304.04M to 399,715.30M USD.