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Romania: Economy Grows Above Expectations

16th November 2017
Romania recorded its highest annual real GDP growth since the global recession of 2007-08, reaching 8.6% in Q3 2017. Even though the country has been consistently among the overachievers in the EU in terms of economic growth in the past years, this development has surprised experts which were projecting figures close to the Q2 performance (5.9%).

Tourism Arrivals 2017 - Vietnam

11th October 2017
Continuing on from our post on Monday, Vietnam and Singapore are the 3rd and 4th most popular countries out of the top 6 ASEAN countries in terms of their tourist arrivals.

China’s PMI on a 5-year high

10th October 2017
China's manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI was up 0.7 ppt and 2.0 ppt to 52.4% and 55.4%, respectively in Sep 2017, of which manufacturing PMI climbed for two straight months. Both PMIs hit new highs since May 2012 and Jun 2014.

Tourism Arrivals 2017 - Indonesia

9th October 2017
The CEIC Insight Team has been observing the increasing tourist arrivals in the top ASEAN countries this year. In 2017 so far, Indonesia has seen over double the amount of tourism the Philippines has.

Thailand Foreign Trade on the Path of Recovery

3rd October 2017
Thailand’s trade balance has remained on a healthy course over the past two years in spite of the lower surplus trend recently. With regards to the latest data in August 2017, the exports of goods surged 13.23% year-over-year to 21.2 billion USD, while imports rose at a higher rate of 14.93% YoY to 19.1 billion USD resulting in a trade surplus of 2.09 billion USD after the country had recorded the trade deficit of 188 million USD back in July 2017.

China Industrial Sector: Divided Profit Growth under Supply Shock

29th September 2017
Recently analysts are debating on whether the Chinese economy is entering a ‘new boom cycle’. Better-than-expected GDP in H1 2017 seems to be sufficient evidence for the optimists, however, a set of key macro data weakened in July and August.

Australia Retail Price - Meat Prices

28th September 2017
Food prices in Australia increased by almost 6% in the last 5 years between 2011 and 2016. Consumer prices of meat and seafoods, however, increased twice that rate recording 10% growth during this period.

China’s Exports Decelerated in August

20th September 2017
China’s foreign trade rallied significantly in Q1 2017 thanks to recovered demand from home and abroad. However, an obvious deviation was identified in August trade data. Seasonal adjusted exports decelerated to 4% y-o-y, much slower than the 8.7% in July, while imports were growing 2% faster at 13.3% y-o-y.