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Shanghai: Price Earnings Ratio (All Share)

15th October 2018
Shanghai’s price-earnings ratio on the stock exchange is up 3.61% between August and September 2018. Comparing the PE Ratio between January and September however, it is down 5.18 NA. January 2018, Shanghai’s PE ratio was 19.25 NA, coming down to 14.06 NA by June 2018, and moving back up to 14.29 NA in July 2018. By August the price earnings ratio was down to 13.58 NA, moving up to 14.07 NA by September 2018.

Hong Kong: Local Gold Prices 2018

25th September 2018
Local gold prices in Hong Kong have been on the decrease since the start of 2018, even though there was upward movement in these prices between December 2017 at 12,100 HKD and January 2018 at 12,522 HKD. Between January and August 2018 the local cost of gold declined by 1212 HKD. Local rates for gold in August 2018 (11,310 HKD) are still higher than November 2015 (9,760 HKD), the lowest it’s been in the last three years.