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Consumer Confidence - Net Balance in Asia

28th March 2017
Consumer confidence has been improving in most of the major Asian economies. Consumer sentiment in South Korea hit a 5-month high in March, while Japan saw an unexpected fall in February.

Indonesian tourism at all-time high

23rd March 2017
In the last 10 years, tourism in Indonesia has been steadily increasing and has seen its highest ever numbers in 2016. The number of tourist arrivals to the country has nearly doubled since 2007.

“Make in India” Initiative Brings Manufacturing Up to Speed

22nd March 2017
Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and has experienced an increasing importance in recent years. As of 2016, manufacturing has contributed to 17.8% of total gross value added and 36% of the total economic output of India.

Spring Equinox and the impact on electricity generation

20th March 2017
The days get longer and warmer for those in the Northern hemisphere from the 20th March this year as the Spring Equinox has arrived. With less of a demand for artificial light to counteract the dark hours, who is the biggest culprit for electricity generation?

St Patrick's Day 2017

17th March 2017
Today marks the celebration of St Patrick's Day, with many around the world celebrating the occasion regardless of their nationality. To eat a meal at home in Ireland however doesn't cost much more nowadays than it did 10 years ago.

Dutch President Rutte retains seat against right-wing Wilder in election

16th March 2017
Leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom Geert Wilders conceded his defeat today to current Dutch President Mark Rutte in another nail-biting Presidential election. The manifestos and elections had a strong focus on immigration and EU relations – or a potential future lack of.

Oil prices below $50 amid record US supplies

15th March 2017
Since mid-2014 crude oil prices and production has been one of the most closely followed topics worldwide. Last week saw oil prices fall to the lowest seen since December 2016.

International Woman's Day 2017 - Be Bold for Change

9th March 2017
The 8th March 2017 saw women and men commemorate International Women's Day. The popular phrase of "girls running the world" might be a genuine possibility with forecasted population growth figures courtesy of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

2017 in figures

8th March 2017
With data pulled from the International Monetary fund, the Research Team here at CEIC have compiled a short analysis of the latest forecast for 2017.
More data can be found in the Global Database or the Insight Gallery in CDMNext.