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China’s Exports Decelerated in August

20th September 2017
China’s foreign trade rallied significantly in Q1 2017 thanks to recovered demand from home and abroad. However, an obvious deviation was identified in August trade data. Seasonal adjusted exports decelerated to 4% y-o-y, much slower than the 8.7% in July, while imports were growing 2% faster at 13.3% y-o-y.

ASEAN Foreign Direct Investment 2017

10th August 2017
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) receives around 16% of the world FDI. The largest economies in the region remain a major investment destination. CEIC provides a quick view of the net flow of investment for the first quarter of the year.

Belt and Road Initiative: Spotlight on Bangladesh

9th August 2017
This report will start with the social and economic fundamentals of Bangladesh, then briefly review its trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), and current domestic infrastructure situation, and finally, it will discuss great opportunities for Sino-Bangladeshi capacity cooperation and introduce the business environment in Bangladesh.

South America - Q1 2017 Economic Growth

27th July 2017
With South America experiencing various events and circumstances over 2016 that shook most nations in the continent, Research Analyst Georgi Ninov takes a look at Q1 2017 stats for certain South American countries.

South Africa – Economic Outlook

25th July 2017
South Africa is experiencing economic troubles lately, with sluggish GDP growth, high unemployment rate and a decrease in business confidence which prompted rating agencies to downgrade the country. CEIC presents a number of indicators that help explain the situation in one of Africa’s biggest economies.

Catalonia and Spain - economic comparison

21st July 2017
The government of Spain’s richest province per nominal GDP, Catalonia, has announced its intention to hold a pro-independence referendum in October, despite the assurance of the Spanish Prime Minister that the central authority would not accept its results. CEIC provides a quick overview of Catalonia’s stats compared to the overall level of Spain.

Ukraine Foreign Trade

18th July 2017
In terms of its foreign trade, Ukraine has gradually started to recover from the political crisis of 2014 – with a notable shift in trade relations from the CIS countries to Europe and Asia.