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CEIC Indicators - Japan

17th February 2017
Highlighting the key economic indicators for Japan, now available on our new website at https://www.ceicdata.com/en/country/japan. Further indicators for over 125 countries can be found at https://www.ceicdata.com/en/indicators.

China sees steady growth into the Year of the Rooster

30th January 2017
Over the weekend the Year of the Rooster was celebrated around the global with Chinese New Year on 28th January 2017. Our Data Analyst Georgi Ninov evaluated the main focal points in the Chinese economy, GDP growth, liquidity and retail, and whether this year started well for the second biggest economy in the world.

Pound Rebounds on Brexit Speech and Improving Economy

23rd January 2017
Brexit has been having an erratic and unpredictable effect on the UK economy, particularly on the strength of the pound. Research Analyst Kamen Parushev has looked into the historical data so far on the pound since the announcement of the Brexit referendum decision and analyzed how the UK is currently fairing.

Sanctions Against Russia

17th January 2017
With President Trump's more positive approach to US-Russian relations, the current sanctions against Russia may change in the few comings years.

Taiwan's Trade with USA and China

16th January 2017
As tension rises between USA, China and Taiwan, we have taken a look at Taiwan's trade relations with the two super players and how they maybe affected.

UK Manufacturing Up Post-Brexit

12th January 2017
It's been 7 months since the UK made the decision to leave the EU, but what has this done to the economy so far?