China Factory PMI Eases Slightly in April

1st May 2018
China's manufacturing PMI edged down 0.1 ppt to 51.4% in April 2018. Although April manufacturing PMI was slightly below the average level of 2017 (51.6%), it was higher than the 1Q 2018 average (51%) and April 2017 (51.2%). Against this backdrop, manufacturing PMI remains in expansionary territory for 21 consecutive months.

Finland: End of the Basic Income Project in 2019

26th April 2018
The Finnish government has decided to close its universal basic income (UBI) trial program which was put in place for a two year period in January 2017. The Finnish social security agency (Kela) introduced the initiative which paid a sample of 2000 randomly chosen unemployed citizens a monthly sum of 560 EUR – tax free and without any conditions attached.

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