Our Users

Whether it's for researching investment strategies or government policies, CEIC is the data provider of choice. CEIC enables anyone to rapidly and accurately get a deeper understanding of global economic drivers.


When it comes to deciphering the elusive field of developing economies, you can never have too much data to support decision-making. Economists helped to design the original CEIC databases and are still working today to continue to provide clients with the information they need to succeed, including recent trends in alternative data.

Investment Banks

CEIC Data provides all the information necessary on the historical and current performance of both emerging and developed economies, enabling analysts to peek around the corner at what may lie ahead. A unique combination of traditional macroeconomic and alternative data facilitates rapid correlation analysis and adds value to the research quality within an investment bank.

Investment Managers

For investors, having access to data that your competitors don’t have can be the difference in making a successful investment decision. CEIC enables access to market moving data from alternative sources not widely available, enabling you to get an edge over other investors. Additionally, CEIC access gives you tools to help you optimise asset allocation among regions, countries, and industries.

Government Agencies

From federal reserves to think tanks, it is important for government agencies to have access to a comprehensive source of information that quickly provides an accurate picture of the state of different markets around the world, as well as supports historical trend analysis. With historical information dating back to 1940 and near real time updates of key metrics as well as exclusive alternative data in high frequency, CEIC can help support a plethora of research queries Government professionals might have.

Consultants and Advisors

When it comes to making recommendations to your clients, you can never be too informed. It is important to show clients that you are basing your recommendations on only the most accurate and complete source of data and statistics in the world, which is why many of the world’s top consultancies are long time CEIC users.


CEIC Data has worked with several top corporations to analyse opportunities for business development that place companies at the forefront of their industries. With unique expertise in macroeconomic concepts, industry-specific statistics as well as alternative data, our solutions help corporations navigate the growth of their business in the world’s most rapidly changing markets.

Academic Institutions

With historical information dating back to 1940, CEIC has made it easier than ever to find the answers to any question regarding developing economies around the world. With expertise in macroeconomic concepts complimented by alternative data, as well as a comprehensive number of statistics on specific industry trends, CEIC provides academic institutions with the ability to easily find emerging trends in various markets and gain unique insights into the historical performance of numerous developing countries.

Hedge Funds

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need unique insights into information on market trends that others don’t have access to. With exclusive alternative data sources, CEIC can provide you with all the information you need to spot key information that you competitors are missing. Additionally, CEIC creates customised data feed options to isolate and rapidly deliver the numbers that are most likely to move markets and affect your portfolio’s performance.