Features & Benefits

CEIC allows you access to thousands of sources and millions of series in one place, with a support team available to assist in finding and interpreting the data you need.

CEIC has long been the service of choice for economic and investment research by economists, analysts, investors, corporations, and universities around the world. Our users have come to rely on CEIC because of our emphasis on core values:


Our proprietary web based CDMNext platform is both easy to learn and use. Full of powerful features designed to enhance your productivity and help you save time, our platform can link data to spreadsheets, automatically update macros, and integrate data into major analytic platforms on your own system. 


At CEIC, we know that our clients need data they can trust to make important business decisions. Nowhere else in the industry will you find a company so dedicated to ensuring the quality and accuracy of every piece of data in our databases. We run the strictest quality controls on the information we collect to ensure that you are working only with the most reliable and exact statistics.


With more than three million data series on 200+ economies, CEIC offers you access to the largest and most comprehensive knowledge store in the world. We deliver the richest time series data for countries from China to South Africa to Brazil. Macroeconomic and industry-specific concepts are both within each database, providing a complete picture rather than limited market segments.

Customer Service

CEIC customer service professionals are on the ground in 20 countries, ready to answer your questions 24/7 through either phone or email. These data experts can answer immediately, and even the most complex inquiries will be resolved within 24 hours.


We know that our users need accurate information fast so that they can quickly evaluate a business opportunity, place a trade order, or update a model used to make a major decision. CEIC’s teams around the world work around the clock to monitor economic calendars and data release dates to get you information nearly instantly.