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Macroeconomic Databases
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Macroeconomic Databases
Jakarta Ranked the 6th largest among developing countries and the 5th fastest growing G20 countries in 2010, Indonesia is unquestionably one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Whether you are an ECONOMIST who conducts research on developing countries, a sector ANALYST who follows the agriculture sector, or a global INVESTOR who looks for investment opportunities in emerging markets, the newly launched CEIC Indonesia Premium Database, with over 100,000 time series, will cater to your unique data needs about Indonesia.

Indonesia Premium Database Concepts

Macroeconomics Sectors

Growth Sectors

Regional Statistics

  • National Accounts
  • Government and Public Finance
  • Demographic and Labor Market
  • Domestic Trade & Household Survey
  • Foreign Trade
  • Balance of Payments
  • Investments
  • Business and Economic Survey
  • Monetary
  • Interest and Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Inflation Prices
  • Financial Market
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Cement
  • Construction and Properties
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Mining and Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Transport and Telecommunication
    33 Provinces available in:
    • National Accounts
    • Government and Public Finance
    • Demographic and Labor Market
    • Prices
    • Agriculture
    • Cement
    • Energy Transport and Communication
    66 Major Cities available in:
    • Inflation
Macroeconomic Databases
Macroeconomic Databases

Indonesia Foreign Investment Realization Performance

Foreign Investment Realization by Sector (USD mn)

Foreign Investment Realization Foreign investment realisation accounts for approximately 21.10% of all investment realisation of Indonesia. In 2010, the annual foreign investment realisation grew approximately 49.93% and stood at over USD$16 billion, rebounding from a 27.28% drop a year earlier.

Foreign investment realisation in the primary sector has remained relatively low, sat at less than USD$1 billion per year in the past decade. With the increased foreign investment in mining projects in 2010, foreign investment realisation in primary sector shot up to its record high at over USD$3 billion for the year. Foreign investment in the tertiary sector has maintained its dominant position in the total foreign investment realisation and continued to expand significantly since 2007.

Source: CEIC Indonesia Premium Database + Investment + Investment Realization
Macroeconomic Databases
Macroeconomic Databases

The Outlook of Indonesian Government Revenue

Indonesia Central Government Revenue

Indonesia Government Revenue Tax revenue from the non-oil and gas sectors is estimated to add up to more than 85% of the budgeted income tax revenue in 2011. It surged 20.37% from a year ago, and is expected to generate over IDR$360 trillions of revenue for the Indonesian government. With a relatively smaller share of the budgeted tax revenue, the budgeted government revenue in the excises duties increased moderately by 9.55%. Aside from tax revenue, the budgeted government revenue from natural resources rose 23.55%, rebounded from the slump in 2010. Overall, a yearly increase of 16.35% in Indonesia’s budgeted government revenue is projected for 2011.

Source: CEIC Indonesia Premium Database + Government and Public Finance
Macroeconomic Databases
Macroeconomic Databases

Indonesia Cement Sales Performance 2011

Indonesia Cement Sales (TON)

Indonesia Cement Sales The performance of cement sales should not be missed out in the checklist for tracking Indonesian’s economic well-being. Cement sales volume soared 6.84% in April 2011 compared to a year ago. Riding on the backdrop of robust economic growth at 6.5% in the first quarter, cement sales volume is expected to continue to climb and surpass its record highs at 4.2 million tonnes in the year.

Source: CEIC Indonesia Premium Database + Cement Sector + Cement Sales
Macroeconomic Databases


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