APIs and Custom Solutions

Access CEIC’s economic, industry and sector data through the platform that best serves your data and analytical needs: APIs, feeds, or third-party econometric platforms.

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CEIC API allows for on demand access directly to our macroeconomic database, and enables you to perform powerful customized searches and access different data sets upon request. It is also the preferred option for supporting direct application–to-application integration through industry standard request interfaces.

Key features:

  • Secure access through API keys
  • CDMNext UI for managing API access and automatic code generation
  • XML, JSON and CSV output formats
  • Interactive online documentation
  • Software development kit libraries for the most common programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java and JavaScript

Data Feeds

CEIC also offers data feed solutions for clients who need to quickly retrieve large amounts of static data. Access to the data files is through a secured ftp connection where the files are updated on a daily basis.                  

Third Party Platforms

CEIC data can also be accessed directly through some of the most common third party econometric platforms such as R and EViews. These solutions allow users to efficiently combine the breadth and depth of our data content with the advanced analytical power of other statistical computing environments.

  • CEIC R Package

CEIC R Package has been developed to allow R users to seamlessly connect to our data directly from within the R environment. Clients can search through our macroeconomic databases and retrieve any series within their CEIC subscription, including all their metadata and historical data points.

CDMNext R users can also combine the ease of series selection and data cleansing of our in-house data platform with the analytical power of R by using the automatic R code generation options for data search and retrieval available on CDMNext.

  • CEIC-EViews Module

The CEIC-EViews module offers an interface to CEIC data within the EViews software. CEIC clients using EViews for their advanced analysis can browse our data trees, search our macroeconomic databases and retrieve any data series within their CEIC subscription directly in EViews.

Key benefits: 

  • Direct access to CEIC’s full range of content
  • Customized solution to handle large amounts of data
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  • Supports automation of data population and report production

For more information on APIs and the custom solutions available from CEIC, please contact:

America/Europe: James Boyko at James.Boyko@isimarkets.com or on +1 212 610 2928.

Asia: Pradeep Fernandes at pfernandes@isimarkets.com or on +65 6225 2368.

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