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The data contained within CEIC’s multiple databases allows you to better understand global economic drivers by analyzing and graphing data trends, allowing you to uncover opportunities for investment and growth. CEIC Data is are now the service of choice for economic and investment research by economists, analysts, investors, hedge funds, quant funds, corporations, and universities around the world.

Customize unlimited access via API to current and historical macroeconomic data for 195+ economies, including data for China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, US, UK, Japan, Thailand, Germany and Russia.  Indicators cover top line metrics such as GDP growth, inflation, trade balances; Industry data covers construction data, agriculture data, metals & mining data.  CEIC also carries granular data down to the state and city level for BRIC countries: China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia.

CEIC Data’s APIs efficiently support detailed quantitative analysis and allow integration of CEIC’s data directly into your workflow, applications or portals.

CEIC’s data feed solutions allow you to:

  • Retrieve large volumes of macroeconomic and industry data on a near real time or daily basis to be stored on your local servers with either a FTP or API delivery mechanism
  • Customize the data that is delivered to you – data feeds support data computations such as normalization, seasonal adjustments and gap filling
  • Integrate CEIC’s economic and industry data directly into your own infrastructure; data can then be searched in real time through your own server
  • More efficiently undertake tasks that require extensive historical data such as back testing, regression testing, factor modeling and trend analysis
  • Centralize the storage of referential data from various sources


CEIC offers two products to meet your requirements:  Data Feeds and API:

Data Feeds 

Data Feeds is a product to provide CEIC data to customers in bulk.  This is the ideal solution for clients who need entire data sets integrated into their backend systems or final products.  This is also a solution that can support a large number of users. Data Feeds is delivered once a day via standard FTP in ASCII format. 


API is another one of CEIC Data’s data feed options to support direct application–to-application integration through industry standard request interfaces such as web API. API is different from Data Feeds in that it enables you to access different data sets upon request, and allows manipulation of the data, for example, defining data items and customized searches.  With API, once the data is integrated into your systems, you can customize the data as much as you wish on demand. 

Key benefits: 

  • Direct access to CEIC’s full range of content
  • Customized solution to handle large amounts of data
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  • Supports automation of data population and report production
  • Quick retrieval of large volumes of data for local storage

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