CEIC China Discovery - The Tool to Forecast Growth in China’s Consumer Market

April 7, 2015 - Learn more about CEIC's latest product, CEIC China Discovery.

CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY is a web-based solution that provides long-term insights on China by using detailed macroeconomic and demographic information. Designed for business development and strategic planning professionals, CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY is an essential tool to support long term planning in China’s rapidly developing market. Using the combination of macroeconomic data and demographic forecasts, CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY utilizes advanced visualization and analytical tools to provide immediate and intuitive insights. Use CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY to resolve queries essential to strategic planning such as: why certain markets are underperforming while others are growing, how consumer preferences and spending will change, where to invest and divest, and where to source efficiently in China. CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY INSIGHT: Comparing provinces or counties by key economic indicators is essential in making intelligent investment decisions CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY is powered by Global Demographics Ltd’s proprietary consumer forecasts, which are unique in providing contributions from individual provinces and counties. A leader in forecasting since 1997, Global Demographics Ltd’s Forecasts include actual data from 1994 through to 2012, and are able to provide forecasts to 2034. To ensure data integrity, all data comes from published reports, such as those from the Chinese State or Province Statistical Bureau. The models are continuously evolving, and newly populated data ensures all forecasts are accurate and up-to date. CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY INSIGHT: Projection change of county expenditure by types and income groups displayed in a heat map uncovers business opportunities CEIC CHINA DISCOVERY INSIGHT: Household income distribution and projected growth in income segments reveals the market potential in a selected county To learn more please contact us at info@ceicdata.com Discuss this post and many other topics in our LinkedIn Group (you must be a LinkedIn member to participate). Request a Free Trial Subscription. Back to Blog

7th April 2015 CEIC China Discovery - The Tool to Forecast Growth in China’s Consumer Market