Indonesia Economic & Industry Data Database

A one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about the Indonesian economy.

The first of its kind, the Indonesia Premium Database was designed to provide professionals with a complete source of accurate time series data on the Indonesian economy. Whether for academic, corporate, or investment purposes, this database boasts an unprecedented statistics utilized to make only the smartest and most informed assessments and decisions.

The Indonesia Premium Database holds exclusive data acquired directly from our relationships with exclusive primary sources in Indonesia. 60% of the data was originally in Bahasa and has been translated for the use of English-speaking professionals. Including both macroeconomic and industry-specific time series data, you will be able to see multiple perspectives on numerous concepts from the demographic and labor markets to the sales records of the petrochemical industry. You will also have access to near real time updates on top indicators such as GDP, GNP, CPI and FDI.

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The Indonesia Premium Database offers over 200,000 time-series records on macroeconomic and growth sector data that can be easily organized and exported to suite your individual needs.

The interface is delivered on our easy-to-use CDM platform and all data series are easily exportable to Excel for further analysis. For each of the data segments, analyses include full coverage of Indonesia’s 33 provinces.

Macroeconomic Concepts

  • Government and Public Finance
  • National Accounts
  • Inflation
  • Demographic & Labor Market
  • Monetary
  • Business and Economic Survey
  • Foreign Trade
  • Prices
  • Interest and Foreign Exchange Rates
  • And more…

Industry Sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Cement
  • Construction and Properties
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Mining and Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Transport and Telecommunication
  • And more…

Along with these extensive offerings, we guarantee near-instantaneous responses from our experts to any inquiries you have, as well as training and support, so you can take full advantage of the Indonesia Premium Database.

  • National Accounts Sector provides full coverage of national accounts statistics, with further breakdown of regions and municipalities by industry
  • Export and imports by HS Classification of 23 major trading partners has been added to the Foreign Trade Sector
  • Monetary Sector comprises comprehensive coverage, accurate updates, and timely revisions, leveraging on CEIC’s excellent network with its local prime source
  • Government and Public Finance Sector include comprehensive state government budget statistics sourced from established statistical partners
  • Tourism Sector gives insight to figures of visitor arrivals and departures as well as hotel statistics
  • Cement Sector provides comprehensive coverage of the cement and clinker industry, including production statistics, consumption statistics, sales statistics, and retail prices statistics, with disaggregation by provinces and by leading cement companies in Indonesia
  • Insurance Sector offers in-depth coverage of Indonesia’s insurance industry and is classified by Life Insurance, Non-Life Insurance, and Share Life Insurance (Islamic Insurance) from hardcopy publication
  • Regional statistics on 33 provinces are available in various sectors ranging from the Macroeconomic Sector to the Growth Sector. This includes regional statistics for national accounts, government and public finance, transport and telecommunication, and more
  • Monetary Sector covers deposits and loans with disaggregation for 33 provinces
  • Extensive inflation statistics, spanning 66 city-specific datasets
  • The Consumer Survey Index provides the data for benchmark cities in Indonesia