Release of Agriculture Cost of Cultivation in India

December 18, 2013 CEIC India Data Talk: DATABASE EXPANSION HIGHLIGHTS - Agriculture sector
  • The CEIC Database now includes Agriculture Cost of Cultivation data for 26 agricultural commodities across a selection of Indian states, including Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.
  • Data are available for food staples covering paddy, wheat and pulses, as well as non-food crops such as cotton and jute.
  • Cultivation costs are presented in terms of a variety of concepts; ranging from operational costs, including human labour, machine labour and fertiliser and manure, to fixed costs such as rental costs of land and depreciation of farm buildings.
  • Data are available on a yearly basis and are generated by multiple rounds of intensive surveys to ensure farmers' expenditures on inputs are assessed comprehensively.
  • State level disaggregation can provide insights into the developmental changes in the agricultural sector over time and space.
  • Information on cost components also allows analysts to gain an in-depth understanding of the states' disparities in cost structures.
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18th December 2013 Release of Agriculture Cost of Cultivation in India

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