Mexico’s Erratic Growth

CEIC Macro Watch: Mexico’s economy suffered from relatively poor growth after the 2008 financial crisis, as real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declined for five consecutive quarters, from the fourth quarter of 2008 until the fourth quarter of 2009. While the economy has shown signs of recovery post-crisis, real GDP has grown at rates below 5% year-on-year (y/y) since the end of 2010; as of the second quarter of 2013 the economy grew by only 0.29% y/y. Other growth measures, such as the Industrial Production Index (IPI), have also significantly weakened. The IPI decreased by 1.70% y/y during the second quarter of 2013, down from 3.37% y/y growth during the same quarter of the previous year. This was attributed to declines in the construction and mining sectors. The manufacturing industry, the largest weighting in the IPI, diminished by 0.05% y/y, while utilities such as electricity and water fell by 0.24% y/y. Discuss this post and many other topics in our LinkedIn Group (you must be a LinkedIn member to participate). Request a Free Trial Subscription. By Darlene Tamayo - CEIC Analyst Back to Blog
5th September 2013 Mexico’s Erratic Growth

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