Mercosur: Passport To International Trade

CEIC Macro Watch: The Mercosur trading bloc – encompassing Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela – is a regional inter-governmental initiative seeking to promoting free trade among member countries. Intra-Mercosur trade constitutes a major proportion of total trade for most of its member states. As of 2012, intra-Mercosur trade accounted for 25.06% of total Argentinean exports, 54.62% of total Paraguayan exports and 26.81% of total Uruguayan exports. However, intra-Mercosur trade accounted for just 9.40% of Brazil’s total exports. This difference is largely attributable to Brazil’s larger economic clout and its outward orientation relative to its neighbours. Overall, despite the 10.44% year-on-year decline in intra-Mercosur (excluding Venezuela) exports during 2012, due to weaker economic growth, overall exports between members (excluding Venezuela) saw a compound annualized growth rate of 7.34% from 1995-2012. Discuss this post and many other topics in our LinkedIn Group (you must be a LinkedIn member to participate). Request a Free Trial Subscription. By Emmanuel Penetrante - CEIC Analyst Back to Blog
6th May 2013 Mercosur: Passport To International Trade