Expansion of Monetary Statistics in Indonesia Premium Database

CEIC Indonesia Data Talk:
  • New data on credit to Micro, Small and Medium enterprises (MSME) are currently available on the CEIC Database Manager.
  • Data is available on monthly frequencies by Bank Indonesia and is made available approximately 7-8 weeks after the end of the reference period.
  • Data covers lending agreements made between banks (disaggregated by State Owned Banks, Regional Development Banks, Foreign Exchange Commercial Banks and Joint Ventures and Foreign Owned Banks) and micro, small & medium enterprises.
  • Disaggregation is also available by economic sectors, types of loans (i.e. working capital, investment, consumption and unidentified loans) and by geographical regions within Indonesia.
  • Sizes of non-performing loans are also available for each of the above disaggregation.
  • Credit data shows the flow of funds from banking institutions to MSMEs and evaluates the relative risks of these loans (in terms of non-performing loans) especially against the industry as a whole.
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27th June 2013 Expansion of Monetary Statistics in Indonesia Premium Database

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