CEIC's Latest Version of CDM: CDM V2.5 has just been launched

CEIC Data is pleased to announce the launch of CDM2.5. This new version of the CDM platform includes major enhancements to functionality, usability and performance.

  • Keyword Search now enables faceted search, which will quickly refine and filter search results. Results will dynamically update as you change parameters, such as economic classification, region, and country.
  • Charting now provides all the features you need in one place. Manipulate and plot data, customize graphics and add annotations to more quickly visually analyze trends. Presentation quality charts can be created in a few clicks and are instantly ready to be printed or shared.
  • My Library is a convenient central repository for Excel files and CDM Charts, where they can be organized, opened, saved, renamed and searched. Save your files for either private use or shared access in My Library.
  • New Mathematical Functions have been added, such as TRAMO-SEATS, X-12 ARIMA, X-13 ARIMA seasonal adjustment and forecasting. Additionally, it is now easier to apply and manipulate data within the interface.
  • CDM Link’s new auto refresh feature will update all your data effortlessly.


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4th October 2013 CEIC's Latest Version of CDM: CDM V2.5 has just been launched

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