CEIC News@lert: More Frequencies Covered for 20 GEM Indicators

CEIC News@lert/World Trend Plus Database/Global Economic Monitor - April 21, 2016 The CEIC Database team is pleased to announce a more complete coverage of different frequencies for 20 selected GEM indicators in the World Trend Plus Database. We have standardized the frequencies by adding quarterly and annual data, bringing the total number of series in GEM from 5,791 to 7,839. This enables clients to further streamline their cross-country comparative analysis by eliminating the data manipulation step as all data are readily downloadable from CDM. KEY FEATURES OF THE FREQUENCY EXPANSION CEIC analysts compiled these series in accordance to statistical best practices, mainly based on the following rule: If local source releases the desired frequency (quarterly/annual) and currency (USD) for the indicator, the GEM series will be compiled as per released by source. If this is not the case, CEIC analysts will generate lower frequencies (quarterly/annual) based on the existing (monthly) GEM series. CHART ALERT CEIC’s GEM dataset now not only provide monthly Foreign Direct Investment for Japan, Korea, Germany and France under the Balance of Payments sector; both quarterly and annual series are available for easier comparison. Discuss this post and many other topics in our LinkedIn Group (you must be a LinkedIn member to participate). Request a Free Trial Subscription. Back to Blog
22nd April 2016 CEIC News@lert: More Frequencies Covered for 20 GEM Indicators

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