CEIC Indonesia Data Talk: Updated Micro and Small Manufacturing Datasets

December 23, 3013 Database Expansion Highlights: Mining and Manufacturing Sector
  • New Micro and Small Manufacturing Sector Datasets are now available on the CEIC Indonesia Premium
  • These are based on the fourth revision of the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC Rev. 4) which replace the previously discontinued ISIC Rev. 3 datasets
  • Data are available for the number of establishments, gross output and value added (both by input costs and market prices), and disaggregated by broad manufacturing categories, including food, non-metallic mineral products and furniture, among others
  • While large and medium enterprises generally dominate manufacturing production, small and micro enterprises constitute a significant proportion of overall gross output (approximately 9.96% as of 2012)
  • Small and micro manufacturing enterprises are largely concentrated (in terms of gross output) in food and beverages, tobacco, textiles and wearing apparels
  • Given the largely fragmented nature of small and micro manufacturing, these datasets provide users with some understanding of the ability of these smaller enterprises to operate amidst tough competition from larger organisations
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23rd December 2013 CEIC Indonesia Data Talk: Updated Micro and Small Manufacturing Datasets