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Benchmark Securities Yield: 10 Years
Benchmark Securities Yield: 10 Years
CEIC Gallery/Hot Topics - September 9th, 2016


Since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, bond markets have been attracting immense capital as investment in government securities have been seen as the ultimate safe haven in the world of financial assets. The charts below contain data on bond yields, as well as benchmark public finance indicators, for the most developed bond markets and most traded government securities. The template allows quick comparisons between benchmark indicators, such as 10-year Government Bond Yield, Fiscal Balance, Government Debt and others.

Benchmark Securities Yield: 10 YearsShort-Term Securities YieldMid-Term Securities YieldLong-Term Securities Yield Policy RateConsolidated Fiscal Balance: % of Nominal GDPGovernment Debt: USD mnGovernment Debt: % Nominal GDP

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9th September 2016 Bond Yields Monitor